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"Man charged over unlicenced tattoo party"


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Man charged over unlicenced tattoo party | Glasgow and West | STV News

A man has been charged with tattooing without a licence at a so-called "tattoo party" in the Falkirk area.

The 51-year-old was detained after a member of the public alerted police about the event.

Earlier in the week, Central Scotland police had issued a warning over unlicensed tattooists operating out of the area.

The force was particularly concerned about people under the age of 18 getting inked illegally after a nine-year-old child was tattooed at a party.

Current laws only allow for under-18s to receive a tattoo to indicate a medical condition such as a chronic illness or allergy.

However in this case police confirmed the person being operated on was over 18.

Dr Henry Prempeh, NHS Forth Valley public health consultant, warned of the health risks of receiving a tattoo in an unlicensed environment.

He said: "Getting a tattoo can lead to serious infection if it is not done with clean equipment and under safe conditions by a properly trained tattoo artist. The risks increase significantly if tattooing is carried out in premises that are not fit for purpose and regularly maintained such as a licensed tattoo parlour.

"Typical symptoms of a local bacterial infection are redness, swelling, warmth and pain. In some individuals these infections may become complicated and pose a serious threat to health.

"The use of inadequately sterilised equipment or contaminated pigments can also result in blood borne infections, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, which are spread by infected blood entering another person's bloodstream."

A Central Scotland Police spokeswoman said: "We thank members of the public for coming forward and we encourage anyone with information on unlicensed tattooists or the tattooing of those under 18 years old to contact the police on 01786 456000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

A report is being submitted to the procurator fiscal.

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just to be clear, it doesnt say he tattooed the 9 year old. that's not to say that he didn't just that the story doesn't say it was him. its at least interesting to know that this kinda stupidity isn't exclusive to america. who tattoos a 9 year old? seriously? i grew up in some hillbilly outskirts of atlanta and most kids were at least in middle school before they had tattoos (they had done them on themselves).

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who tattoos a 9 year old? seriously?

Any tattooer that has this kid walk in and demand a tattoo ;) lol, I'm thinking I'd be to scared to say no! (not a tattooer but if I was)


Back story I know is: the kid is Russian and his tattooers are from being in Juvenile Detention. There are some other photos of him on the net, but can't find them at the moment... either way its a crazy/sad story.

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