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    • Just stop futzing with it and let it heal. Dry heal is the way to go.
    • That's what I do at bedtime when I can't use saniderm.
    • It's been a while since I have gotten tattooed. Probably over a decade now but I recently got a tattoo on my forearm 2 weeks ago. I now have bumps all around my tattoo and they started appearing a week and a half after the session and after 95 percent of my tattoo peeled. I used Saniderm for the first 5 days then switched to Lubiderm fragrance free since. The bumps are most noticeable on the outline since the shading is in black but there are bumps on the shading as well. Its pretty itchy but I haven't picked or scratched them yet. I attached a photo and I circled in yellow what they look like. They are all over my tattoo. Despite not being able to see them at certain angles I can definitely feel them. Anyone experience this before? No puss is coming out but they are itchy as hell.... My first thought was maybe it was due to me over moisturizing with lotion? I applied lotion 3 times a day, each time after washing, patting dry and finally letting it completely air dry. I am now letting it completely "dry" heal as I don't know what else to do. In the last 2 photos you can it's raised on the outline but the shading is also raised it's just easier to see it on outline   Thoughts?    
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