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I understand that the meanings of tattoos can and often do change over time so I am curious to hear about what you know and/or have heard about tattoo meanings? I will start off with some common tattoos I see and hear similiar stories:

Dragon tattoos?

Nautical Star tattoos?

Sparrow tattoos?

Dagger tattoos?

Butterfly tattoos?

Dove tattoos?

Anchor tattoos?

Man's Ruin tattoos?

Dice tattoos?

Eightball tattoos?

Do you have one of these tattoo designs? Tells us about it and what it means and post a pic!

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I have an anchor. I don't delve too deep in my psyche for tattoos. Really, I wanted a sweet anchor, and Tim Phelps from bowling green, KY hooked me up. But, tattooing is my anchor. Tattooing is pretty muchthe only stability in my life. So, that's my piece.

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Damn in no time some quality and educational post were put out there, thanks so much!

Mario, I can see it and just thought you were screwing with me. Thanks for educating me. I guess I have a whole bunch of vaginas tattooed on me unknowingly.

Patrick, thanks for the link and tried to copy and paste it here but it won't let me so encourage anyone interested to click on the link. Has anyone read the book Memoirs of a Tattooist by George Burchett-Davis that it quotes and speaks about? Is it a should read for people interested in tattoo history?

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