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Forgive me if this is something that's been covered in other threads (did a quick search, didn't yield anything quite so specific).

I'm interested in getting this somewhere (just the bottle, it's a Resurrection Phial from the game Fable, thinking of putting it on the sternum where you press for CPR ;) )


Now, I can see this being stylised pretty easily, I've even had a couple of goes drawing it myself. Main thing I'm curious about is how well yellow/gold will heal and age, and what sort of changes would need to be made to the design in order to use this colour scheme.

I've done a heap of Googling for pieces with a lot of yellow, but of course most of what you find is photos of fresh work. Just looking for anyone with tattoos of a similar colour scheme, who can provide some insight into how it looks after it's healed, or any advice on what would make this possible (or if it's a stupid idea altogether!).

I think I know of a couple of local artists who would be able to do it, just thought I'd get informed before going ahead.

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If my calculations are correct.. doin the math.. carry the four.. the tattoo will most likely only be about a third yellow. Unless you wanna go the all color, no outline route.. which certainly won't hold up like a more traditional tattoo would. All the yellow I've got has held up just as well as the other colors, but none of my tattoos are more than 10 years old and I don't have a ton of yellow, but if it fades by the time I'm 50 I'd still be pleased with the tattoo.

I'd go talk to your local, reputable tattooers, who should all be able to whip up a drawing and allay your fears!

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In my experience yellow heals the same as any other color, and stays bright as long as you keep sun block on it when it will be exposed to the sun. I will say that if you are darker in complexion than maybe a cappuccino, yellow will be very muted.

edit: cool design though.

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Here's what I've found with my tattoos. I will also mention I am a medium dark Italian, so I kind of look Persian, or just really tanned all the time, olive complextion but still pretty pale in a way. If you are of African decent you might have a problem depending how dark your skin is.

On me, when a really talented artist has used yellow it seems like it's going to last. The tattoo I'm thinking of is about 2 years old and the yellow is a very golden hue. It looks almost as bright as when it was new. The tattoo is located on my inner arm by my arm pit so it doesn't see the sun very often at all. I also have Homer Simpson's head on my ankle and so does my best friend. Both were done by my fiancé, her skin is very white, very pale and it's held up on both of us really well. I have a large tattoo on my thigh that was done by someone not as experienced and for whatever reason the yellow in that is almost totally gone. It was much lighter to begin with than the other ones. Over all a bunch of my tattoos have little bits of yellow in them and they mostly have been fine.

If I was you, I'd get it done in the style of an old tattoo with a heavy black outline and deep golden yellow and make the wings brown or red or both. That's just me though, I'm sure there's other ways of doing it and making it real nice.

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Thanks all. The only reason I ask is that I don't know anyone with something similar, and don't have much colour myself. Figured yellow might be more reliant on skin tone or other factors, given it *has* to be so bright to be effective. The outline thing is definitely the way I was leaning, I've seen some real nice potion-bottle type tattoos that are similar.

Ursula, you sound a bit like myself - I have olive skin (Greek), but don't see much sun so I'm pretty pale. I am officially reassured!

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