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Twenty-Something Women Most Tattooed

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(Probably doesn't qualify as "WTF", but it is a new story)

Health News - Twenty something women most tattooed

"According to a study by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) a greater proportion of women aged 20 to 29 are the most tattooed Australians, with almost one in three sporting a tattoo, whereas in the older age groups tattoos were more common among men."

I realised the number was growing, but I wouldn't have guessed 1 in 3.

Apparently the number for all adults is 1 in 7, and like other studies this one finds that "tattoos still appear to be associated with risk-taking behaviour in adults."

"Having been tattooed also correlated with certain risk-taking behaviours, most notably smoking, cannabis use, and greater numbers of lifetime sexual partners... Tattooing was popular among men who had not finished secondary school, tradesmen, and women who did not live with their partners, whereas men and women who had completed postsecondary education were less likely to have a tattoo."

Most tattooed people I know don't fit that description - my friends are university educated, non smokers (and many non drinkers) etc.

I would be interested to know how many people would describe themselves as "risk-takers" in general - I wouldn't, yet here I am (seemingly defying the statistics).

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    • The compliments always ring more true from another collector or a real artist - and both of those will be much less likely to be looking for "meaning". 
    • Thanks! Its great if the artist likes the idea too, thats a good start. If someone which opinion I really appretiate thinks its cool - I'm fine. Annoying questions and even plain insults dont bother me then, but still its nice to hear compliments regardless your tattoo, not that BS you know. 
    • I prefer to plan my tattoos based on body parts. In my mind, the body is a canvas split into various "parts". The chest, the back, the upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, etc. For example, I plan my upper and lower arm half sleeves with an idea or theme in mind. On the other hand, my lower left leg is reserved solely for smaller pieces of flash that might catch my fancy from time to time. Elsewise, I intend to continue planning each part as a "large" complete tattoo in and of itself. The reason is my absolute lack of any form of artistic sense. If I get "smaller" tattoos, I cannot envision how they would work with other tattoo ideas that I might have. That would probably leave me with a smattering of small tattoos with huge empty spaces in between... an absolute waste of tattoo prime estate. I have seen the "body suit" that many people have that are made up of small tattoos with little to no link to each other. Personally, I don't think it looks any less impressive than a specifically designed body suit. It just messes with my mind. Gives me tattoo block. Lol.
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