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Hi, lookin for help


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I am a college student looking to get my first tattoo. I want a statement tattoo, something half/quarter sleeve sized. Im in the CT area, and I just cant seem to find someone to fit my style. Former CT resident Nick Baxter probably spoiled me, he is ridiculously talented.

I am looking for an artist who has a modern style, good with sleeves and negative space, any suggestions for the Connecticut area?

Also, for symbolism, i cannot think of something to symbolize a 'protector' (or something along those lines) besides a literal shield. Does anyone have a suggestion for a more modern or design-based symbol?

Thanks all,


PS- my design idea so far ( i need a good artist to flesh it out) a sleeve reflecting my family- 4 people + me. im supposed to be the protector part. and some script of my family motto.

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