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I am a college student looking to get my first tattoo. I want a statement tattoo, something half/quarter sleeve sized. Im in the CT area, and I just cant seem to find someone to fit my style. Former CT resident Nick Baxter probably spoiled me, he is ridiculously talented.

I am looking for an artist who has a modern style, good with sleeves and negative space, any suggestions for the Connecticut area?

Also, for symbolism, i cannot think of something to symbolize a 'protector' (or something along those lines) besides a literal shield. Does anyone have a suggestion for a more modern or design-based symbol?

Thanks all,


PS- my design idea so far ( i need a good artist to flesh it out) a sleeve reflecting my family- 4 people + me. im supposed to be the protector part. and some script of my family motto.

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Welcome to LST.

I don't have any suggestions off the top of my head for the Connecticut area though sure some LSTers will......

Are you willing to travel to other cities close by? If so, how far in each direction?

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You should get a consultation with a few different tattooers do bounce ideas off of,and to decide which one you click with.

Hope Gallery Tattoo - New Haven, CT

Murray,Jae,& T.C.@ Flying Tiger Tattoo

David Page tattoos tattoo artist Newington, Connecticut portraits neumas custom Nautilus Tattoo

Tracy@ Lucky Soul Tattoo

Off the Map Tattoo : - Massachusetts Tattoo Studio

colors art space

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Second for Murray Sell at Flying Tiger! That's about as much as I know about CT tattooers.. Also dude, start thinking less literally about tattoo designs.. check out some Japanese themes, or tough western go-tos, like panthers, roses, daggers, etc.

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    • HE'S GOT THE BUUUUUUUGGGG!!! 😁 @minisoda not sure if you've let us know who the artist is yet, but feel free to share! check out their prior work and see what they're into. if they usually do traditional colors, they might prefer to stick to that aesthetic. if they do some crazy shit, they might be open to new ideas.  i think adding an olive branch in an open talon would look a bit strange. during your next shading and color session, bounce your addition and background ideas off your artist and see what they think. in the end, you're wearing it and they're doing it, so your two opinions count way more than us shmucks.🤓
    • If it is scarring what else could it be? Could it be that the ink is too thick ??
    • Laser removal is not an eraser. You'd still faintly see the tattoo. If it is scarring, then yes, you'd still see the scar, too.
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