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    • Hey bro, i hear ya on the sensitive skin areas.  My left arm has been a free hand sleeve project broken into 2 main tattoos and then fill in sessions. Well let’s say after the first fill in session I didn’t wait long enough to try and finish and damn that arm was just painful from the start. I’m 98% done now and had to pull the cord during 2nd fill in session. On the inside of bicep right at the arm pit lit me on fire, lol. Well my point was; try vasocaine lidocaine spray. After you get going on your ink and have broken skin all over, best after outlines, spray the areas and wait 5 minutes and mostly will be numb except in the most sensitive areas. It also helped with swelling, bleeding, and helped afterward not be so sore.  And no I’m not pitching the product, it just really works. 
    • Yep. Some of us have been there. 
    • That's good to know, thanks. With just a little research under my belt so far I've got Billy Hays at Bath Street on the top of my wish list. 
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