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Tattoo artist with inoperable brain tumors needs help

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The Jon Gerhard Fund

He is also trying to sell his shop.

Jon and his wife Jacqueline have been married for 15 years. They have two beautiful children: Dean, who's 12, and Olivia, who's 7. Jon is an amazing father, husband and friend. He is one of the most caring people we know.

On March 4th 2011, Jon was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Stage 4 cancerous brain tumor. He suffered a grande mal seizure while at work and was transported to Marin General. He underwent a successful brain surgery, and seemed to be recovering from the cancer.

Unfortunately, on December 4th, the family received news that they found multiple tumors throughout his brain. They are inoperable due to size and location.

The doctors aren't giving Jon much time to live due to the severity of his disease.* Jon's wife will be his full time care-giver, but will be unable to work and provide income for the family. They will need our help financially to get through this devastating time.

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    • I've got this problem but it's a half sleeve arm coverup after around 10 days it's fades to almost nothing 😔
    • looks like a solid shop!
    • You know, while I was getting tattoed we spoke about the full sleeve, since I've started with the idea to get it done (not in a short amount of time because due work my week is full) and he just said something about the druid girl. But we haven't any conversation about it anymore so it was kinda a flash instead of something wanted.  Then here COVID-19 came and we used to stay in lockdown per 2 months and just now tattoo studios opened (like one/2months ago) and I have to find a window of time where I can contact him. So basically nothing has started yet :)      This is what actually happened with the wolf. I went him saying "I want the face of a wolf here" and he did all the rest, surprising me with that moon etc so I was kinda surprised with the final effect because it wasn't what I exceptecd but It was what I wanted without even telling him the background.  It sounds weird but I gave him "free hands" and imho the result is stunning. So basically I would find the main subject (woman) and the background which suits the wolf (forest etc.). So I wanted to research something in terms of what I have in mind. But still, I will contact him for sure as long as we both have time to spare, finding what I like the most/suit the best  
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