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Hi, I have found a few threads I am interested in so its time to un lurk before I go chat so....... a quick g'day to all from Queensland Australia. I am 42yr old mum of two grown young men. I found LST via You Tube and have watched some of the interviews, I will get to them all though. It was great to hear about their beginnings... I had some good belly laughs. I am mostly a clean skin for a few reasons one being I love the combination of clean skin and well placed large pieces whether they are ritualistic or arty. My most desired tattoos have a spiritual base so I have been in and out of quite a few tattoo studios looking for the right feel as well as seeking the right tattooist as far as skill goes too. Long story short I have progressed from thinking I would love to tattoo to knowing I do. I am a green tattooist who wants to focus on developing the ritualistic side of tattooing for myself and others who are like-minded regarding ritualising tattoos. I would love an apprenticeship in a busy studio however I live semi rural so the journey is slow working out things like that (I only mention that so you know where I am at re intro and will not mention the 'still needing training again' :P).

I have been looking for others interested in ritualising and the spiritual purpose tattooing also has.


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Thanks for the welcome Lochlan,

Thanks for the positivity too I am sure I can find a good one if I look in other places. Decided a while ago that I should search for someone who does snakes well rather than waiting any longer to try and find a shamanic tattooist.

I was hoping to get to Surf n Ink this weekend to talk to a guy I found on line however alas this journey did not happen. Here is the tattoo of Jeremy Cook's that I liked.



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