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hi from London (nearly)


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Having finally got my tattoo appointment I've realised I have no idea what I'm letting myself in for! I've been on a waiting list for years and put my tattoo to the back of my mind thinking it was never going to happen and now it is imminant...

It's my first tattoo and oddly enough I'm not worried about the actual tattooing process/pain but the healing process. Have read a few things on here but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or indeed any tips about getting your first tattoo.


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I got my first just last month so I sympathise. When there is a big build-up it starts to seem like it will never happen. There are a LOT of posts on this board about after-care, however I would urge you to take the advice of your tattooist. Ask them as many questions as you need so that you know what to do.

There is an entire board for Tattoo aftercare on this forum, but for now this thread may be of use:


In terms of preparation, I think the consensus of opinion is to not drink alcohol, to get a good night sleep, and to eat a decent meal before. Bring some water and a fizzy glucose drink just in case. Again, quite a lot said about this on various threads on this forum.

All the best with the tattoo.

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genericjenny don't listen to strangers on the internet!

ask your tattooer. If you've seen their work healed and it looks good, listen to what THEY tell you.

Especially for your first tattoo, if you have any questions or concerns, call the shop. The saying goes: The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

Good Luck.

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