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Hello LSTers, I am VonHearse. I found this site a few weeks ago and have since read pretty much every thread here. The amount of information I have gathered in that short time is priceless.

I read a lot of forums, but don't usually post, I never feel like I have anything to add, but I did want to introduce myself, mainly to say thank you. I like to research the hell out of stuff that I get interested in, I get a bit obsessive, this site has been great for me.

As far as my tattoo history, I don't really consider myself tattood, not now a days, when it seems everyone you meet has some small tattoo. I got bit by that tattoo bug after seeing an ad in an issue of wakeboarding magazine. It showed this guy with his back to the viewer and he had his initials on his calves and I thought it was the coolest looking thing, one on each leg, and I wanted that. I was probably 18 or 19 at the time and my girlfriend was totally against tattoos so it never happened. This never stopped me from wanting them though. Seven years later I met the girl who is now my wife, who already had a tattoo. I told her my idea and she pretty much said let's go get them. There was one shop nearby we knew about so we went and talked to the guy, came back about an hour later and got my tattoos.

That was ten years ago and the "want for more" has always been lurking in my mind. For some reason, something switched the "want" to "need". I came up with my idea and sat on it for a while. My wife isn't into tattoos like she was when she was younger. She has no issues with me getting more, but my idea is for a chest piece and I just figured she would be against that. Much to my surprise, all she said is "ow", and "it will have to wait a bit since we just bought a new furnace and new car and taxes are due". I said, thats fine, I need to find someone I trust to do the work anyays, and so began my research, leading me here.

I live in a small town so tattoo shops, good tattoo shops anyways, are scarce. This is our best guy here - tattoorolo It looks like very good work, just not the style I want, I want traditional. I don't want to have to go to NYC, but after checking out Kings Avenue in Manhatten and seeing Grez's work, I may have to do it, thats the exact style I am looking for. Unless someone knows of anyone in upstate NY who does traditional.

Anyways, sorry the long winded introduction

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