Next Generation or FK Irons???

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Scott Sylvia helped create is board and also creates some of the best tattoo machines. Save up some loot and get a real workhorse.

If feel like you're crossing over into troll territory so beware. Keep asking these kinds of questions and double posting threads is gonna get you flamed pretty hard and possibly locked off the forum for good.

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Im so ignorant , More chinese crap? nothing against the chinese, Its just that shopping at walmart kinda turns my stomach. old age I guess.

Hi Im preparing to purchase some new aluminum machines yet I cant decide between Next Gen and FK. Which would you choose?

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    • Tattoos don't heal on a schedule. 4-6 weeks is a general guideline. I had one that didn't completely settle for a year. It was the purple color that didn't look quite right. I forgot about it and at some point I looked at it and noticed that it looked perfect.
    • That's why you double check before you give the go ahead to start. Don't worry about it. I showed it to my wife and she didn't even notice. Only in our dreams do other people care about our tattoos.
    • Just enjoy it. It doesn't change the meaning. And yes, stencils are always reversed.  
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