February 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month Contest

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February 2012 Tattoo of the month winner is @Rebushido with his Koi Back Piece by Marius Meyer @ Invictus Tattoo in Oslo Norway, congratulations!

PM me your shirt size, male or female style (note: we have no smalls or mediums for males left at this time, sorry), and your mailing address.

Thanks for everyone else who participated and now it is time for March 2012 Best Tattoo of the Month

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I think this is the first time i win anything at all! haha

awsome and thanks to all who voted!

i will wear the shirt proudly here in oslo and put up a picture on LST showing it off!

much love to u all and thank u for all educating threads n blogs on this forum. i learn every time i´m on here.

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Well done @Rebushido, superb tattoo.

I would have voted for you if my missus @Jade1959 hadn't put in an entry.

I've become rather attatched to my testicles and want it to stay that way. :)


thank u!

and i fully understand you voting for your missus..

testicles are not something you play around with........ ore is it??


and that noble lady head is amazing! i really thought it would win!!


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