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Guideline Bullet Point #3 - Introduction

Hands On

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Hello, my name is Chris and I'm addicted to tattoos. "Hi, Chris."

I started getting tattoos relatively late in my life (25), but got the bug immediately. I was spoiled, since my first tattoo was from Jill Bonny at State of Grace and my first tattoo related book was Tattooing from Japan to the West by Horitaka. Not only was I dumbfounded by all the pictures, but I was mesmerized by all of the interviews and I got hooked.

I started to read and watch everything I could to learn and soak it all up, but I found the best shit to be the interviews of the artists speaking their minds and telling their stories... dropping all kinds of knowledge that can't be found anywhere else aside from speaking with the tattooers in person. I found books like Underway is the Only Way, We Are Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, TAM mags, and videos from Needled.com, TAM videos, Tattoo the World, Horismoku, Tattoo Age, Stoney Knows How, Gypsy Gentleman, and of course here at LST.

I just recently started to dig thru the forums here and there's so much knowledge being shared! THANKS!!

This bug has brought me to get an apprenticeship a little over a year ago and I come into this trade/business/industry/craft with the utmost respect for all those who have come before me. My goal is continue this passion without offending any of those people along the way. Like Kore Flatmo said in his interview, I know I'm one of those dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants.

I try to get tattooed as often as possible, not only to keep collecting and feed my addiction, but to keep learning and building the relationships that make this community what it is. If you're interested, I'll post a list in the "Who HAS tattooed you?" blog comments.

Thanks again for creating this great site!


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Man that blog is one of the original ones on LST and soooo damn good! Glad you looked back and found it then contributed to it with your list. Maybe you'll share some pictures of the tattoos you've gotten as the list is impressive.....

Lastly welcome to LST and hope you enjoy your stay with us

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25 is not late in life,unless you plan on goin out fast. despacio hijo.........I think probably the best intro I've seen yet. maybe we could have , like a bulletin board, ''Intro of the Month'' you only get the parking spot for a month...hehe


I guess I didn't mean late in life... but relatively late compared to a lot people I've heard getting tattooed in their teens. With the advances in medical care, I plan to live to 150!

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