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Greetin's from the frozen North!

Guest JesseLeeFowler

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Guest JesseLeeFowler

Good evening folks, my name's Jesse Fowler, and I'm a tattoo artist currently working in Burlington, Vermont. I'm not exactly a novice, but not yet ready to call myself an old-timer. I am quietly celebrating twenty years of tattooing this summer, with a large portion of that time here in Vermont.

I've experienced a wide range of tattoo and work/shop styles over the years, and that has given me a huge range of artistic styles to work in. I don't think I have met a style of ink that I don't enjoy working in, and I probably never will. Black, grey, color, traditional, Japanese, new-school, even "tribal" - they all have a place as long as folks want them in their skin.

I have been leaning towards making the work that I do more like a painting than more traditional tattoos, but always remembering to bring the aesthetic of those old pieces along. I want the ink that I give to my clients to be as solid in twenty years as it is the day they leave my shop. Now and then I get to see some of the work that I had done that long ago, and it certainly shows when I was following that rule - and when I wasn't.

I love this craft, and I hope to see it at least as healthy and vibrant when my time is done as it was when I entered. I am looking to online community sites such as this one, to find more ways to not only promote and share my work, but also to become more involved in the larger community of artists and collectors - the popularity of tattooing right now poses as much of a threat to our craft as it offers opportunity.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this site works, and hopefully connecting with more fellow artists out there.


Jesse Fowler

Vermont Custom Tattoo - Burlington, Vermont

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