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hey there. post rib pieces of yours or some that you think are cool! i have a tiny coverup to do. many possibilities, i'd like to get some ideas flying around.

girl? eagle? hmm

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    • By Huero
      Post images of things and people that you find rad, gnarly, far-out or inspirational. I'll go first...  [images removed after they became broken..]
    • By PopsBdog
      Heading to Oakland, California to see Freddy Corbin at Temple tattoo to get inked for our 25th wedding anniversary.
      Appointment is noon, Tuesday.
      Daniel Higgs did the original wedding tattoos at Realistic Studio in San Francisco and Freddy was in the shop watching and making comments while he was doing us. Daniel doesn't do tattoos any more. So our first choice is Freddy to keep spiritual continuity.
      The wife and me are getting a "25-XXV added somewhere . I am also getting a "Dragon" mixed into it...
      I'll keep you up to date.
    • By nina
      Hello! So this is my second intro post, but ive taken my original idea and reworked it, Just would like some feedback. Basically, the body drawings are rough sketches, of course the feathers would be done better and the little girl would look more like the one in the pic with the long quote. The quote ive shortened to "happiness is not the absence of struggle". There's a ton of meaning behind every inch of this design and I could explain it, but really im just looking for feedback on the tattoo aesthetically. Im planning on keeping it all black ink, but if you think colour would look nice somewhere, let me know! This will be my first tattoo so all the feedback is appreciated greatly. Keep in mind these are rough sketches and my artist (who I met today!! :D ) will be drawing it out more nicely. Im likely going to have to break it up into pieces and do it over the course of the year because of cost, opposed to squeezing it into a month or two. As far as pricing goes, what do you guys think? I just want to get a few more quotes before I commit to this shop. Thanks a million!
      cant get photos to upload on post.. check out my gallery :)
    • By traditionalguy
      hi all this is my introduction thread. im a huge enthusiast in tattoos and i love american traditional style hence the name. im going to school to major in art education but i all types of art. the reason i titled this thread trad. flash help is because i drew an american traditional design and would like some input on it. i had planned to get it on my left leg but placement is still up in the air and i dont know if i should keep all of the elements. i also want to get a homeward bound ship on the same leg in the future so i need to plan around that. constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance guys

    • By heyitsbritt
      I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow. And I'm really nervous already. I wasn't supposed to get it until June 14th, and I had it changed because my sister is moving on the 12th, and I want her to come with me. And so, I'm really nervous, but I'm also very very excited. It's something I've always wanted to do. I'm almost 17, and my dad has 12 tattoos, my sister has 3, and my mom has 1. So, I've been around tattoos my whole life. I've been in a tattoo parlor before, and I know exactly what it's going to be like, and what they're going to do, so that's not what I'm nervous about. I'm nervous about the pain. I'm getting a quote on my ribs, which I know is supposed to be the most painful place. But, I do have a very high tolerance for pain. Like, some people compare the pain to sunburn, and sunburn isn't very painful for me. So, I'm not sure how to compare it. I've spoken to the tattoo artist on multiple occasions, and he's done 2 of my sisters tattoos. So, I do know him. He says my tattoo will only take a total of 30 minutes. It's going to say, "The marks humans leave are too often scars". And the quote has a lot of meaning to me, as well as the placement. So, I know this is definately where I want it. And if I were to change the placement, there would be less meaning behind it. But it's not going to be like, a 6 hour tattoo. But what I'm worried about is, I'm very skinny, to the point where I'm underweight, so the tattoo will literally be on top of my ribs. So, the pain makes me nervous. On a scale from 1-10, how bad is the pain? And is there anything I can do to calm down, because I know I'm going to be nervous.