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Tattooing an Area that get Ingrowns Often?

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I've had ingrown hairs on my thighs since I was teenager. It gets better in the summer (shorts), worse in the winter (jeans all the time), but the ingrown hairs are always present no matter what.

I want large tattoos in those places, but I'm worried about the preexisting ingrowns (exfoliate for awhile before, I know) and about the potential for really bad ones during the healing process. Pro tips or experience with the matter?

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in my experience ingrown hair wreck havoc on tattoos. I have a larger tattoo in an area that gets a lot of ingrowns, there's holes all over the tattoo now because of them. Since they are coming from deeper in your skin than the tattoo ink is, if your hair is very corse it can push the ink right out of the way in it's journey upwards. I've looked into lots of options for stopping this. Basically the only thing that seems viable for me is electrolysis hair removal, it is safe to go over old tattoos and doesn't make getting new ones any different, it's also the only permanent method. Laser hair removal ruins existing tattoos and is not permanent. Shaving the area will cause even more grown in hairs generally. Waxing can be useful but it's painful and has to be done pretty regularly and still won't fix the problem in all cases. Other than that you can make a point not to wear tight fitting course fabrics for pants, so no emo kid skintight jeans. You could try exfoliating with a gritty lotion or wash, or by using one of those shower puff things and your normal soap. I'm assuming you are a guy, and therefore don't want hairless thighs, so I guess if I was you I'd give daily exfoliation a try and see what happens. Generally keeping your skin free of sweat and dirt should help too.

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I am, in fact, a dude, so the hairless thing is prolly a no go. I don't rock the skinny jeans; I have thick quads though, so they fill out my Levis.

I think what I have planned for the area should be okay as it won't involve tons of fill (crawling jaguar with Tikal in the background). Maybe I can rock a kilt for the first few days while it heals ;)

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My ex worked at this booth in the mall when we were in high school called Crazee Wear and all they sold were Rex Kwan Do pants. She had to wear them while she was working; I'm pretty sure if she had wore them all the time, my son wouldn't be here today.

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Totally serious, ladies' versions of those pants are extremely popular for spring/summer 2012. Like skin tight ones made from spandex. I've been seeing them at all the trade shows and on all the cool fashion blogs. I kind of want them but I'm Canadian and will feel like a fraud.

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