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When I was still working in kitchens we'd always talk about this one by the end of the night we'd be rollin'

Here's a few

does this look infected ?

Dude I can totally make that jump.

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This is a quote from Shogun Assassin. I know they are not real last words but I when I hear speak of last words I usually think of this scene in the movie.

Master of Death: When cut across the neck, a sound like wailing winter winds is heard, they say. I'd always hoped to cut someone like that someday, to hear that sound. But to have it happen to my own neck is ridiculous.


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    • Just finished my 2nd Flexifix round this morning: Thursday afternoon had color fill, left the cling wrap on until Friday morning. Friday morning I removed the cling wrap, washed with Cetaphil, dried with paper towels and let air dry for ~10 minutes, and applied the Flexifix (no aquaphor this time). I left things for four 24-hour days (Fri morn -> Tues morn).  There was a slight bit of bubbling/fluid visible on Friday, but after Sat morning I couldn't really see any bubbling/fluid at all underneath the covering.   Upon removal this morning (still a bear to remove) the color fill was dry, and the bandage was definitely sticking to the colored areas.  After removal the surrounding skin was very red/angry looking, which I think is just a reaction to the physical removal (no redness at all while the bandage was on).  I'm wondering if it would have helped to apply aquaphor to the colored area before the bandage (I'll try this next color session coming up and see if it helps with the removal later).  The colored areas skin feels very lizard-like, which is much different than when I just had the outlines (which remained smooth after removal). I'll keep things lotioned for the next few weeks.  I'm guessing my difference between the first time and now is outline vs color fill.  
    • I had one that got REALLY infected on my tricep, and when it finally healed all it needed was a quick touch up to pack some more color. Like others have said, all you can do is maintain your aftercare and wait for it to heal fully.
    • You’re quite right! Thank you.  🙂 Think I was just searching for some reassurance/words of wisdom/the voice of experience on top of the inevitable waiting game, if you know what I mean. 
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