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Gary Wells

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Hello All.

I browsed this forum this morning over a few cups of last night's coffee before heading to the studio, and I really gotta say that I am grooving on this site. I am usually not "into" the whole forum-wagon-thingy...but I admit that I am liking what I am seeing. (level headed feel and direction)

Now ...ahem...me.

I am an artist/ shop manager at Uncle Bud's Pikes Peak Tattoo in Colorado Springs. (Pikes Peak Tattoo Home Page) I was a long time friend of Uncle Bud's before he passed away and I am honored to continue to keep his shop open.

A small bit of history: Uncle Bud Yates opened his own shop 1982 when he broke away from working with his brother Snake Yates. Bud was a tireless devotee to legitimizing tattooing back in the days when there were no hard and fast rules concerning tattooing or its regulation. At that time, a handfull of artists existed nationwide...and it was a time for a lot of those artists to get active with their craft. With some states outright BANNING tattooing as a health risk, Bud and others started to work with local government and health offices to protect the work that we all now enjoy. I am pleased as punch to say that 99% of the existant laws and regulations concerning tattooing in Colorado were drafted by Bud Yates and that the studio I work in is still an active force in maintaining tattooing as a safe and legitamate business. Before his untimely passing, Uncle Bud was El Presidente (President) of The National Tattoo Association.

Yep, I totally loved that man, I I respect what he has done for Tattooing.

On to other news:

I love/hate being a shop manager. Damn monkeys drive me nuts. I have seen a whole roster of names come and go through that shop, I have laughed so hard sometimes that I couldn't breathe and I have gotten so angry other times that I coulda killed a man. My current lineup (some of which are not on the shops website) is a pretty good crew so far. I am looking forward to seeing them all most mornings...to date.

Hi-lights of my short career (6 years behind the machine):

I worked with Shanghai Kate for about a year. I kept my trap shut and kept myself out of her personal affairs. I kinda dig her.

I smuggled Zeke Owen out of a party and bandaged his dog's foot.

I was successful in keeping an original Milton Zeis Malleable from disappearing into the leathery folds of Lyle Tuttles hands while hs machine lust filled eyes gleamed and he made hungry grunts deep in his chest. (I will never give that machine up...ever)

I am gunna marry "My Girl" Nikki Pettis in August. Not only do I find her crazy attractive, but I admire her tattooing as well.

I have managed to not sink my friends studio through the last 6 years of economic hard times and a boom in(cough-cough) studio openings.

Anywhooo...I ramble. Last night's coffee tastes horrible but it will put the rush on.

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Well done! Your thread was fully inspirational and very well written! I am a kitchen Cowboy who sides as a welder in the Oilpatch in northern B.C. I loved your thread because it shows how humble an artist becomes after going through the gears of being an apprentice (Which is the same for us tradesmen) and it shows that being an artist is truely a trade in its own!

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