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TAM interview

Deb Yarian

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Well I'm pretty excited and nervous about a who knows when it will be published - interview for TAM.

I was really flattered that Dawn Coooke asked to interview me for the magazine and surprised that Crash supported it.

If you know me, you probably have realized that I' m not too big on self promotion----- but after my initial reaction of surprise---- I thought, why not go with it!

In preparation, Dawn supplied me with some questions, but prepare as I tried I was not at all at ease come interview time. The interview took place during the State of Grace Show in SF this past October. I don't know what I expected , but I found my self a little at a loss for words ( which rarely occurs) and struggling with not bumbling like an idiot , in front of a sound man and a camera man and Dawn's at ease interview manner.

Dawn was great though and after what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality was an hour and 1/2 -,2hours--- we finished up with the story of my 30+ year tattoo life.

Now, if I can not sabotage myself, I just have to supply Crash w a video of me doing a tattoo & then off to print sometime in the near future.

So, I'm pretty excited and I'll keep you all posted - when it comes out.


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