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I'm new and wanted to say hello. I started an apprenticeship a year ago (luckily no money was involved) with a guy I was friends with and he dropped off the face of the earth. Luckily he taught me the basics so I was able to practice here and there. I've basically been hanging around shops here and there, learning what I can, getting tattooed, and looking for a good shop to apprentice in. I wish I could just get apprenticed the traditional way. Get treated like shit and ordered around for a few years. But unfortunately nowadays you just pay your way in for a quick 1-2 year apprenticeship. Either way, I just want to learn. I've had many jobs, was in college for film, and none of them made me happy. Since I've found tattooing I've never been happier. If I stayed broke and paying my bills late from now to the day I die I wouldn't care. I'm happy.

If anyone has any advice, critique, anything, I'll take anything I can get. Thank you all for your time! Peace


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