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Dan S

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Signed up here after hearing that Nick Colella had posted a few pix of old tats of mine. Looked around, saw lotsa good stuff, and thought I'd stick around and maybe throw in my two cents now n then, so feel free to flame!

I put my first tat on myself when I was 12, I'm 57 now, and it hasn't stopped. I did a good bit of old-skool hand-needle jailhouse stuff way back in the day, and most of the work I have now covers old jailhouse pieces.

What else can I say? I like to visit and watch at other parlors, but I get all chauvinistic and shit about who tattoos me...I've never gotten a professional piece anywhere but at Chicago Tattooing, and I can't see that changing now. I first went in there to gawk, man, mabye around 1966, 1967, something like that, and got my first electric tattoo done in there by Dale Grande in something like 1973 or 1974.

That's me-hope to get to know some of y'all.

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Thanks for deciding to join up and sharing some photos.

We miss Nick's stories, threads, and pictures he was putting up when the site started......

Hope you enjoy your stay.....

Well, kick the boy inna ass and have him put up some more!

Come on, Nick...don't be holding out now!!!

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