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Rufio, Pleasure to meet yah! (;


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So...where do I begin?

First off, I will say this: I am 16, working my ass off in as many art classes as I can get my pudgy little hands on in order to better my skills.

While researching the long (may I repeat that...LONG) list of 'dos and don'ts' in the tattoo industry, I came across this website.

While reading, I came to the understanding that the tattoo industry is highly competitive; I also understand that it takes a long time to become an actual tattooer, and I accept the challenge!

Currently, I am working on learning to draw anatomically correct hands, as well as lineart without erasing the page.

Anyhow...wrapping it up.

Wish me luck. (:

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Sounds like you're off to a good start. So many people "back into" tattooing, learning the mechanics of it without having the art skills to use those mechanics, that it's good to hear of someone getting the art psrt donw first!

Patience, patience, and lotsa grapefruits!

Grapefruits come along with the tattoo industry? Then definately count me in!

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tattooing should not be your concern....draw.draw.draw.......if art is your interest....make art your interest.

It is said to primarily draw and learn the dynamics of drawing. I find nothing wrong with me educating myself about tattooing in order to understand what I would be getting myself into if I am able to find an apprenticeship after High school. I am focusing on drawing and lineart as much as possible.

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