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Getting Scientific: Apoptosis in reguards to tattoos


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I believe I spelled that correctly. So here is the deal, I figured I would ask some of you ...experts :)

Some of you know I'm going through medic school, well actually going to college for Paramedic. But here is the deal, I am in Anatomy and Physiology and we have been given an assignment to do a research paper about the life and death cycle of a cell. My topic is Apoptosis and how it relates to tattoo fading. I've found about three different web sites that give a small blurb on it and show little drawings of the process.

I want to know if there are any scientific brains in here that could elaborate more on this whole step/ process or if I do just have to b.s. my way through 5 paragraphs based on what seems to be repeated information.

I can and will if requested post the three links I found discussing it so you guys can get an better understanding of what I'm talking about

Thanks for the help boys and girls!!

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