Chad Koeplinger's # 1 fan.

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Perhaps that sounds creepy but those of you in the know recognize the statement. I've known Chad for over 20 years. I am happy to say that his art has grown so much over the years. If you are fortunate enough to be tattoed by him, consider yourself charmed. It will change your life. It changed mine.

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Chad is doing my rib panel. Outline and some shading was done before I tapped. Talk about fast! Damn! And I have been tattooed by fast artists before. He's definitely in a league of his own.

But yeah, it hurts. A lot!

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I like when in the video he's talking about getting tattooed by Hardy......welcome to the site by the way
The Gorilla with Tits, He wasn't expecting that one by the sound of it. Thats like when I got my snake lady from Grime, showed me the drawing and it had four tits, I was thinking to myself at the time thats pretty twisted but I was down for it. Turned out to be an awesome piece, can't really go wrong with anything he draws.

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    • Just butting in... read the thread, and I couldn't really understand how you got from the inspiration images to an eagle... but it looks nice and clean. Forget the olive branch... that's just complicating the tattoo... once the clouds are in there and everything is shaded it will look impressive. Trying to change or modify the design when the agreed upon plan is in progress never ends well. I'd vote for black and grey or black grey and grey-blue... but that might change after seeing the artist's portfolio. Trust your artist... it looks like you chose the right person for your project so far.
    • Stop using lotion. Within 48 hours you should notice a difference. lotion should be used as sparingly as possible, and it is usually the cause of people's worry. Too much lotion can breed bacteria. Let it dry out. Itching is normal.  Itch next to it, or tap it... don't itch it directly. If the issue worsens, go to see your doctor for anti-biotics. As for it being raised... leave it alone and look at it again after 3 weeks. If it is still raised after the scab has gone, use cocoa butter daily for a few weeks. Don't over-wash the tattoo... you don't have to stop using soap... keep it clean like you would normally.  If you get sweaty, take a shower, if you get dirt or mud on it... wash it.  Don't rub it in dog poo ect...  
    • The lines within look kinda faded also.
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