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Since its the year of the dragon and dragons are bad ass lets see some dragons. Dragons you own or dragons you like, Post them up.

I own these two. Thigh piece is from Shige, Yellow Blaze Japan and the dragon and sword is from Dean Sacred, Sacred Tattoo New Zealand.

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Lately been trippin on Greg Irons throwbacks .First by Josh Arment at Aloha Monkey and the later ,dude can be found in the vicinity of the infamous Spotlight snake sign ask for Grant Cobb.

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@Hands On Thanks, I had a bad accident with my mac book pro, the screen and screen assembly broke, I had all the photos from this last go at it on here, and after dumping too much into a macbook, I ended up trusting this apple service shop and had them replace the broken pieces on the pro... and finally I got it back, and it's been too liong since I did a photo dump and proper updates, so as I go thru stuff, I will be posting up, this site needs more content... I figured it's the least I could do... Besides Lochlan and Scott are good dudes, it'd be cool to see it do well.

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@Hands On this site needs more content... I figured it's the least I could do... Besides Lochlan and Scott are good dudes, it'd be cool to see it do well.

This. I've got a bunch of flicks I've been swiping from the interwebs, I just am currently on a really crappy internet connection so once I've got that sorted it's on.

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ha! you got it @hogg!

training wing chun & shaolin kung fu since 2005

bong sau means wing arm...and since i have a crane sleeve, seems fitting ;)

Very nice! I trained hung ga for 8 years.

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This one has been posted here before but damnnn, this is so good. Mike Roper

Mike Roper does the SICKEST dragons I swear. He just started a leg piece on the artist who does all my tattoos and I'm totally going to have him do my torso when I get back to the states. That and Isaac Fainkujen to do a girl with a panther head on my thigh lol.

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I'm planning on getting a dragon tattoo this year. I've gone through some personal struggles this year and come out better for it. So I think the symbolism of the dragon would be fitting. This will be my first tattoo so I have been reading this board for a while (I was refereed here by cfgsteak) doing some research. I am very unsure who to trust to do this in my area. I'd hate to have one of the many first tattoo misshapes that seem to be so common. I like to find someone near Toledo but I'm more than willing to travel who could do a Japanese style dragon on my upper shoulder and pec. I would want someone who could draw an original piece for me. Thanks guys!

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    • no, IMO  a touchup will only F*** it up, it looks fine. it's a tiny fine line tattoo that's not healed yet, relax and enjoy it.
    • ~Hi guys, had my tattoo recently and very happy with it apart from one niggling bit. One of the " R " letters is slightly thicker than the other. My tattooist is happy to rectify it ( thicken one of the Rs ) once it's healed in a few weeks. What do you think, is it too intricate to change it? PQ is poor because my phones camera is no good, in RL the tattoo looks awesome. Thanks  
    • You don't know what it's going to look like until it's healed. 4-6 weeks. 
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      hey all,
      I just moved from SF to DC, and I'm looking for an artist on the east coast to design a chest piece I've had in mind for a while. I thought this forum might be good for suggestions. I have several tattoos already, all black and grey, so I'm looking for someone who excels in B/G style. Mostly with heavy black ink.
      I'm looking for someone who is good at creepy/scary tattoos that are a mix of american traditional and russian prison styles. Not really looking for anything in the "horror" genre, but more like medieval occult-ish/satanist type stuff.
      One of my favorite artists is Alexander Grim (@alexandergrim on IG), but he is in St. Petersburg. In fact, most of my favorite artists are in Europe or Russia, like Andrey Kichatiy (@kichatiy on IG) in Moscow, or Barbe Rousse (@barbe_rousse_tattooer) in Berlin, or Cezilia Hjelt (@cezilia_gbgclassictattooing) in Gothenburg Sweden.
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      ive posted a picture that I drew years ago and there is what I believe is a Japanese symbol instead of Chinese. I would greatly appreate a lot if someone where to help translate the symbol to English
      thank you for reading
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      Heading to Oakland, California to see Freddy Corbin at Temple tattoo to get inked for our 25th wedding anniversary.
      Appointment is noon, Tuesday.
      Daniel Higgs did the original wedding tattoos at Realistic Studio in San Francisco and Freddy was in the shop watching and making comments while he was doing us. Daniel doesn't do tattoos any more. So our first choice is Freddy to keep spiritual continuity.
      The wife and me are getting a "25-XXV added somewhere . I am also getting a "Dragon" mixed into it...
      I'll keep you up to date.
    • By Bonnie Baker
      Hey, guys. My name is Bonnie and I am from the mississippi gulf coast. I am currently going to school for chemistry. A few years ago I determined that I needed to get some art on my back. After years of deliberating, I've decided on a full japanese style back piece. I'm starting it in a week in Nola! My family thinks I'm crazy for choosing such a large tattoo for my first, but it just feels right. (Don't know how long it will feel right once the needle is going across my skin, haha). Anyways, I came across this site looking for advice and saw that everyone posting seemed really lovely and friendly. I'm looking forward to talking to folks. I'm pretty nervous so advice and words of encouragement are always appreciated!