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Tattoo discoveries found and for sale


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More amazing history found at some garage type sale on EBay! Damn good thing people aren't tossing out literature as this find of 1910 shows a good catalog of info, from lining and shading machines to hand poke from the Prof. H.W. Rebec of Cedar Rapids Iowa.

This seller on Ebay has 4 different catalogs, one from "Bucky & Walters" , Bucky taught Charley Barrs to tattoo and Charley was of age when Custer lost on the battlefield in 1876.

Just found it amazing that such a catalog would turn up with a such equipment when to this date we have never seen a catalog of/from Charlie Wagner.

If you stroll through their literature you can read mixing formula, single needle liners and flat shaders of #12 pins, switchboards and rheostat's back in 1910 and the machines are not the "doorbell" but the dual coil like we still use.

Kinda makes a person wonder what direction supplies came from and the suppliers that suppliers went through to then stamp their name on something.

Like most discoveries it can often lend to more questions than answers.

Thought this worthy to post as the literature from the seller was posted last night and anybody can do a search on the items from the same seller and collect the info from the pic's or maybe want to bid but the info is awesome to some of us who have such interest on the historical side of tattooing. Whoever gets these items should forward the info to the Tattoo Archives if they don't have it already

The link is : 1910's antique tattoo artists supplies machines PRICE LIST CATALOG H. W. REBEC | eBay

Hope the photo's uploaded well, just 4 but anybody careing to brouse the auctions while they are up there should take the time to have a look. Shareing is Careing, ha!

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The show ain't over til the last second, or so I suspect. The interesting thing about this era is that there ARE values placed on such items and good money too. To figure a railroad train set sold for a couple of bucks back in 1925 and someone is willing to pay 1500.00 or more today, it sets a "fair market value" for this particular date in time, markets rise and markets fall, the trainset doesn't interest me for 10 dollars. The actual market size for these items on tattoo's may be very small but the excitment over the discovery is awesome. At one time not so long ago there were people that would not recognize tattooing as an art form and now in 2012 we have galleries upon galleries.

I realy hope that the winner will share the info, I would donate it to the Archives, not to mention it would be tax deductable. It's like finding a T-Rex in yer back yard and before you see it assembled ya find out some guy with lotts of money in China bought it and you'll never see it.

I have machines and other items that I plan on donating to Henk and others when I get my ticket punched, but I have been sharing what I find with whoever shows interest. Good valid evidence is hard to come by for tattoo displays, books, etc.

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