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Controlled Blowout April/May 2012! (Australia)

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Putting this up on behalf of some really good friends :cool: (if this isn't the right spot for it, Mods/Admins please move if you want? Just wasn't exactly sure where an event like this fits in?)

CONTROLLED BLOWOUT 2012 - A Traveling Art Show by Dan Bursell, Luke Muller & Stooks.

CONTROLLED BLOWOUT tattoo tour 2012

Controlled Blowout | Facebook

The 3 road warriors crazy enough to undertake this journey are: Dan B from Westside Tattoo (Brisbane), [MENTION=2486]lukemuller[/MENTION] from True Love Tattoo (Brisbane) and Stooks from 5 Star Tattoo (Fremantle)

The Controlled Blowout tour was planned as an excuse for 3 Tattooers and friends to travel across Australia exhibiting their tattoo inspired works, tattooing and probably finding some time for a bit of a surf. The road show will be stopping in both Rural and City locations so art lovers will be able to get their fix in April/May 2012. There will be a number of framed originals in the exhibition, and keeping with tradition a number of affordable, unframed prints will also be available. In conjunction with the art shows, the guys will also be taking appointments to tattoo at respected studios in each town they exhibit in.

The tour stops (so far) are:

24th April - Margeret River Art Show: "Artful Ink" Studio 6pm-9pm

24th - 26th April: Tattooing @ "Artful Ink", 30 Feam Ave, Margeret River, WA

27th April - Perth/Fremantle Art Show: "Butcher Shop Gallery" 6pm-9pm Northbridge, Fremantle

28th-30th April: Tattooing @ "Five Star" Tattoo, 8 Manning Arcade, High Street, Fremantle WA

3rd May - Albany Art Show: "Little Beards" Shops 3 & 7, Pettersons Arcade, Albany WA 6pm-9pm

4th - 6th May: Tattooing @ "Albany Tattoo", Pettersons Arcade, Albany WA

10th May - Uluru. NT

14th May - Visiting Adelaide "Progression Tattoo", Unit 3/274 Unley Rd, Hyde Park, Adelaide SA

16th May - Melbourne Art Show: "Gas-o-Meter Hotel" 484 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne VIC 6pm-9pm

17th -19th: May Guest Tattooing at different studios while in Melbourne so please contact tattooers for more info

21st May: Tattooing @ Lighthouse Tattoo, Sydney NSW

23rd May - Lennox Head Art Show: "Rock of Ages Tattoo" 3/60 Ballina St, Lennox Head NSW 6pm-9pm

24th - 25th May: Tattooing @ "Rock of Ages Tattoo" Lennox Head NSW

26th-27th May: Brisbane Art Show - "Yardbird Ale House" 6/24 Martin Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD

(Dan will be tattooing back home at Westside, Luke back home at True Love and Stooks will be guesting at Westside)

All 3 artists focus on bold, traditional western and traditional Japanese styles in both their tattoos and paintings. So you can expect the artworks on this tour to be modern tributes to timeless, bold tattoo imagery.

Originals and Prints available on the night of all art shows and prints also available where the guys are guesting at

Artist Contact Details:




Dan B

Westside Tattoo - Professional Services - Brisbane, Australia | Facebook


Luke Muller

welcome to lukemuller.com custom tattoos, art, prints, tattoo enquires and bookings.


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