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    • Hello TLST! I'm Fabrizio, 21yrs old. I live in Italy and it's a pleasure to be part of this forum. I've just subscribed here but I read many topics before getting my first tattoo. Now it passed a week since I've done my forearm tattoo and It is healing properly (I guess LMAO).  I will get more tattoo in the future, for sure I will continue my arm.  Here it is my tattoo. This was like 3 days after, now it is peeling and it is ugly to see 😌 Lately I will post how the tattoo is after this week :) Thank you for any further help/advice. It's a pleasure to be a member here :)  
    • Welcome to the internet! 
    • Lol my tattoos are the best quality you can get and I even I pick holes in them it’s just adapting I guess it’s been 3 weeks since I got my forearm sleeve and gradually I’m improving it’s just very striking but if you don’t like a tattoo I wouldn’t look at it until you are able to fix it. It’s why I will only ever get black and grey tattoos because there fixable with lasering in the future for new art work. But I can tell you your not on your own mate I’m experiencing similar things to you. Some people on here seem to not care and try to make things 100x worse but at the end of the day you will get people who have experienced it and will guide you through it. 
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