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Hello from the Dallas/Fort Worth area


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Hey... I found this forum by searching Kore Flatmo stuff and the interview you guys did came up, which I watched and enjoyed). I've also since watched the Oliver Peck interview and a few others on the site. I've been browsing around the forum for a few days and decided to register. My name is Harley and I'm 37 years old and I'm an IT professional in the Dallas area. I have day of the dead work from Kore Flatmo on my legs and a day of the dead piece on my back done by David Bruehl. I am also 2 sessions into some removal on my arm that I'm having done by Alan Faulkner at Fade Fast. I'll post pictures of the Flatmo and Bruehl pieces as soon as I determine the appropriate thread. thanks!

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Thanks for the nice welcome everyone!

@Joe Shit - I have no idea who I'm going to for the next one. I'd love to have Kore do it, but just getting to him alone costs me a good amount of money and that's just one trip. Going to David Bruehl was nice because Norman is just a 3 hour drive from here, but he just announced that he's moving and his timeframe doesn't give me enough time for another laser session and the heal time in between. I visited Rock of Ages and met with Steve Bryne while I was in Austin for south by southwest. He said he was definitely up for tackling the cover up once I have another session or 2 of removal, its just another 3 hour drive each way for each session.

@Scott R - Ha...those similarities are funny! I really enjoyed my time up at Think Ink. All those guys are super nice, had a ton of cool artwork up, had awesome music blaring and obviously David did an awesome job.

Should I just upload pictures of my tattoos to my profile or do I find the "day of the dead gallery" and post them there? Or both?

Thanks again for the kind welcome!

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