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Living in Japan.


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I've been browsing online for more tattoo information, and buying books on flash and traditional tattoo design.

While looking around, I found this site, which seems to be one of the best forums out of all of them.

I'm currently stationed in Japan, and do a lot of traveling from here.

I have a sleeve on my right arm that consists of some dragon designs on the upper arm (done in Korea over 20 years ago), and the lower arm is currently being done here in Japan with a Japanese style lower sleeve (out lined, and shaded. Gets colored in in a couple of weeks).

I'm playing around with the idea of getting my left arm done as a full sleeve in all traditional American tattoos. I'm looking at a lot of the pictures here for some ideas on how that might look.

I knew it would be worthwhile to register here, because of all of the great information to be found.

So I wanted to say hi.


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Hey Mitch, welcome to LST! I had pretty much the same questions that Kye asked haha. I'm not from Japan but try to get over when ever I can, as do a few other LST'ers. Post up some of your current tattoos when/if you get a chance

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I'm a civilian working for the Navy in Iwakuni, it's about 40km from Hiroshima.

The shop I'm getting my work done at is called "Dragon", there are a few tattoo artist here in town, but he's the guy that seems to have the most experience doing big pieces. He's done many back pieces, sleeves, and some body suits.

I used to live in Misawa, my wife was Air Force. I loved it up there! Great skiing. I was in the Army, years ago, but work as a civilian these days.

I am finding a LOT of great information on this forum for traditional tattoos.

I'll be getting my left arm done in all American traditional for sure. It's great to see all of the examples that have been posted here.



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