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anyone have some random tattoo ideas?

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Hey, im goin on a trip this weekend, and ill probably pick up a new tattoo as ill be in a different city and dont have much access to good shops here. I think im just gonna walk in and come up with something on the spot (assuming i can even find a good artist to do a walk in) but I thought it might be cool to hear some random ideas from you folks, as ive seen some pretty interesting ideas posted on here in various threads.

I was kinda wanting something on the collarbone, maybe a banner along the collarbone with an image on each side, on the front shoulder/chest area, but i could easily just get something random on my upper arm, so any ideas are welcome, lets see what you can come up with, and if you have an awesome idea, i might just turn it into a tattoo! Thanks

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@kylegrey - off topic but Rico is doing my homie Stooks' back and its beyond ridiculous. His wife (who's name escapes me right now) is possibly even better, she just isn't on the interwebs much.

Back on topic - where are you headed? Might help people being able to point you in the direction of some good shops OR check Tattoo Shop Reviews | Last Sparrow Tattoo

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Cool-so tell us what you already have so we can narrow it down?

In the 1001 Tattoos book, I'm always fascinated by the guys with multiple tattoos of the same image/icon (usually eagles). I like birds and all (mainly because you can interpret wings alot of different ways), but I'd rather break it up a bit.

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Just wondering, since I just joined in March... have any of these types of threads actually ever led to the person asking selecting a suggested tattoo idea?

Mine did. I don't know if anyone suggested a skull, but someone mentioned that I should go with my gut and not over-think it so I got a nice skull with some flowers.

Anyhow... this thread made me think of this video of Troy Denning....hipster-mustachioed-old timey-dude


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