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Heller from Tampa


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Hi, hello. I'm Laurie, I live in tampa and I play the shit out of vidya games which is ultimately what brings me here.

See, I had surgery a.while back, almost a year ago. I have scars from this surgery on my tummy below my bellybutton and on the sides.

I need a tattoo artist, in my area, who is familiar and comfortable tattooing this type of skin.

It's not huge scarring, small slits and lines... But I still want it covered up as I hate looking at my tummy now.

I want the hylian crest, under and around my bellybutton and hip to hip.

I'm sure this isn't traditional for the introductory forum, but I never really cared for tradition.

Let me know what's up.


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Thanks for giving LST a shot at this Laurie and welcome.

My advice is find a good shop and tattooer and let them work their magic while trusting their knowledge, a cheap tattoo is just that. How far from Tampa are you willing to travel? @Ursula is the first person for Florida tattooers and shop suggestions that comes to mind though many other LSTers are also very helpful and full of suggestions.....

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I'm not too familiar with shops in Tampa. I know there's some real turds though.

The guys at Ybor City Tattoo are super nice, I can't comment on the quality of the work though because I haven't really seen it.

If you are willing to travel, or have a reason other than tattoos to be in North FL, then I'd suggest Inksmith and Rogers. If you go on the website (Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo) you'll see there a bunch of different locations, for what you're doing I'd recommend the location on Atlatic Blvd, or the Mandarin location as that's where the more experienced guys work for the most part. There's amazing tattooers at every location though.

Like the others said though, if you're in Tampa and can get in with David go for it! You won't be disappointed!

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David is one of my favorite people, and he happens to also be one of my favorite tattooers.

He'll be moving to Tampa, like other folks here said, in June and is well worth checking out.

My buddy Skip Sampson tattoos in Tamp, but for the life of me I can't remember where Skip works. It's been a long time since I've been to Florida and shop names change down there pretty frequently.

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