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Created this account so that you can all rip the shit out of me,so that I can improve


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Hi all,

My names Charlie, I'm an apprentice from Southampton in England.

Finding out so many new things everyday about what I do and the people around me.

Have found out already the reasons it's made so hard to get into this scene and have realised the magnitude of people that are constantly trying to do so just because they have drawn a rose design off the internet. I try my hardest with what I have and want to bring a good attitude with me to the tattoo world.

I go by an alias for my artwork (wulfbaron), yes it seems silly but I like it and it makes things easier, so eat a big one :)

introduce your selves and what not

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i think it's important for you to get critiques from those around you... especially your teacher/mentor. it's really their job to rip the shit out of you and mold you into a tattooer!

just quickly looking at the couple paintings in your gallery, i would say be careful not to over render... make use of the negative space. a good example is the green skull vs. the skull on your full sheet. the one on your full sheet is much more readable.

for an up and coming apprentice, there's a shit ton of information on this site. i highly suggest you watch the interviews and read the threads, when you're not drawing your scrubbing the toilet!

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Artistically I get no criticisms from my mentor, I've had a couple of tattoo tips which have helped, just like "hold it like this" and "check your machine's running right" which is my main reason for searching it out elsewhere. Because my apprenticeship means a lot to me and I want to do it right.

Thanks dude I totally get what you mean, the green one was more of a colour test but I get what you mean, sometimes I get a bit carried away so I should always keep that in mind.

No job is below me at work. I do what needs to be done, I don't so much get time to draw there either so that's saved for home time a lot of the time. Although I am finding being harsh on myself helps my improve and I'm always thinking about drawings I haven't been happy with and for what reasons/what I can do better next time.

I will have a proper search through in a bit on here and see what there is to offer, thanks for your input, helped a lot!

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