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Sometime in the late 90's(I think 97?) some friends and I went to the 9:30 club to see Lee Perry perform.

I wasn't driving and at that point was kinda drinking a bit to excess. The show was great, and it was packed. I proceeded to get my drink on in the club. After the show, my friends and I gathered at the corner in front of the club to see what we would do next. While discussing(and me trying to stand up straight) my friend points out that Adam Yauch was standing a few feet away quitly talking to someone. Plenty of other folks seemed to see him as well but nobody was bothering him or asking for autographs or dick-riding or anything. He's just enjoying a conversation with someone without anyone harassing him.

So what do I do?

I drunkenly yell out and call him BY THE WRONG NAME. In front of my friends and dozens of otheer people.


Then drunk-walk over to try to bullshit with him. As I stand there(well, sort of weave back-and-forth there) I realize I have nothing to talk about. So I ramble for a moment or two about growing up on Long Island and about shows I saw of the Beasties back in '87 or '88 and rapidly come up with nothing to say.

Coming up short with conversation I then do the next completely fixed gear-ass thing to do and say "yo, get up on a flyer for me!" and hand him a handbill for the night's event and a silver Uni wide marker. He looks at the marker and then at me, like 'what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?' kinda look. I drunkenly interpret this to question why I had a giant silver marker and tell him that I'm a writer etc, etc. So he writes some thing on there and I take it and leave. Can't remember anything else after that.

The next day I wake up and as I'm going through my pockets from the night before, I find the handbill he wrote on.

He had written 'MCA B-Boy'. As I am reading 'MCA' all I can hear in my head is "YO ADROCK!!!!". Instantly I remember what I had done and said and felt like more of an idiot than I ever had my entire life.

My friends have never mentioned the incident since.

I still have the handbill as a funny reminder of my drunken idiocy.

I have to say, he was remakably nice and polite. Even after I called him by the wrong name and acted like a drunken moron.

He didn't even correct me about the name-thing.

Thanks for giving us lots of good music, good times, and our inspirations. RIP Adam.

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Anybody have a favorite record? I know this might be a "hipster" answer but Paul's Boutique was my first Beastie Boys record and it is genius.

Before the rap they were a pretty good hardcore band, believe it or not.

The commentators are right. They hade a big Germs and Adolescents vibe to them.



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Pauls Boutique deffo and Check Your Head. Saw em live on the Check Your Head tour and they played a 30 min set of hardcore classics at the end of the set including Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks etc tunes . It was a double header with Rollins Band and I left after the first Rollins song because they were such a buzzkill compaired to the Beasties. I have saw them live about 5 times between 1987 and 2004 ....

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