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Hello guy's


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I joined up here as I was looking for a forum that kinda specialised in tattoo's and design.

I was an apprentice tattoo artist many years ago. Now I mainly focus on Graphic design.

So I have mixed the two and design tattoo's then Pentool and colour them in Photoshop.

Hope to see you all soon.

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Not to make your welcome too hostile, I swear this is a really nice place to be, but you call yourself "tattooist"...and it's my understanding that you don't tattoo? That's not cool. In fact it's the exact opposite of cool. You may find that a lot of us who take our industry seriously feel strongly about our hard-earned place in it. Words mean things.

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sorry but this drives me fucking crazy.

the plural of tattoo is TATTOOS. not Tattoo's. same with guy, it's guys.


hey guys, your tattoos are really cool.


that guy's tattoo looks cool. I can see that the tattoo's got yellow and red in it.

anyways.. .continue...

You crack me up, Ursula.

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