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I was wondering if anybody had any examples of these? I'm thinking of getting one this fall. I saw a ton of the Japanese/Asian Dragon tattoos. They were all excellently done but something seemed a little off and phony to me. Kinda seemed like a snake with legs. But it got me thinking that when I was a kid I was a SUPER dinosaur fanatic. I studied 'em, went on fossil digs and things like that. So I did some image searches for them and some common themes seem to be...

"Dapper"/Tycoon Dinosaurs. You know, dinosaurs with things like Top Hats, Monocles, Canes, Business Suits, Pocketwatches, etc...

Or they are doing something a dinosaur wouldn't do, like ride a skateboard, go surfing, eat an ice cream cone.

I think they are pretty neat but I don't think they fit me too well.

The first is a coverup, the second is a "original" tattoo



Calf Tattoos

It seems that the most popular dinosaur to tattoo is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The next most common is a Velociraptor. A popular place to put these is the calves as opposed to the arms


I was just wondering if anybody had some good images and ideas for dinosaur tattoos?

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Here's a T-Rex on the back my girlfriend's calf. I think it's pretty much her favourite tattoo. Done by Matty D'Arienzo from Melbourne AUS when he was in London. This was taken straight after so it's a bit angry. I love it!

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    • Hi, I just joined to get tattoo ideas and also feedback on my current tattoo cover-up. Thanks 🙂
    • Hi everyone... sorry, I thought I'd posted here earlier. I've found this site a few times over the last year searching various topics. I've never traveled and tattooed... so I would like to.  I feel like I'm still practicing right now... I feel like I'm getting close to figuring out my own styles. I kind of just try to do my best at tattooing whatever people want.  I just want to get better at it.  
    • Just butting in... read the thread, and I couldn't really understand how you got from the inspiration images to an eagle... but it looks nice and clean. Forget the olive branch... that's just complicating the tattoo... once the clouds are in there and everything is shaded it will look impressive. Trying to change or modify the design when the agreed upon plan is in progress never ends well. I'd vote for black and grey or black grey and grey-blue... but that might change after seeing the artist's portfolio. Trust your artist... it looks like you chose the right person for your project so far.
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