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Dinosaur Tattoos

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I was wondering if anybody had any examples of these? I'm thinking of getting one this fall. I saw a ton of the Japanese/Asian Dragon tattoos. They were all excellently done but something seemed a little off and phony to me. Kinda seemed like a snake with legs. But it got me thinking that when I was a kid I was a SUPER dinosaur fanatic. I studied 'em, went on fossil digs and things like that. So I did some image searches for them and some common themes seem to be...

"Dapper"/Tycoon Dinosaurs. You know, dinosaurs with things like Top Hats, Monocles, Canes, Business Suits, Pocketwatches, etc...

Or they are doing something a dinosaur wouldn't do, like ride a skateboard, go surfing, eat an ice cream cone.

I think they are pretty neat but I don't think they fit me too well.

The first is a coverup, the second is a "original" tattoo



Calf Tattoos

It seems that the most popular dinosaur to tattoo is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The next most common is a Velociraptor. A popular place to put these is the calves as opposed to the arms


I was just wondering if anybody had some good images and ideas for dinosaur tattoos?

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