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I went to post an ad to sell something today and realized my account had restricted access... and then I realized I never made an introduction... thought I had.

Anyway... My name is Alex Kass, I tattoo in San Antonio, Texas. I love tattooing and anything to do with it. I enjoy collecting and reading books about tattooing, tinkering with tattoo machines (mostly breaking, seems like), hanging out with older tattoo guys and listening to their stories, and things of that nature. I've listened to a vast majority or all the interviews on here and I always enjoy hearing about other peoples' challenges and triumphs in this industry and in their lives. I also love food as much as I love tattooing and I eat a lot. I am overweight.

Lately I've been trying to stay off the internet and find inspiration from other sources and not spend hours a day on facebook... just keeping my head down, tattooing whatever I can handle and trying to be the best me I can be. You can see some of the tattoos I've done on my website.


if you ever want to bullshit, feel free to contact me. alexkasstattoo@gmail.com



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