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Hi, I'm Charles and I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo this year since turning 21. I'm not sure exactly what there is to be considered when choosing a tattoo artist or shop for the particular tattoo I have in mind, but here's a clip of it.


I don't intend for it to be that neon blue when it gets tattooed on. I'm looking for more of a lighter, water-colorish blue if thats even possible. And I'm thinking of getting it on my wrist. Any suggestions?

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Kool pic, but you might want to think about another spot for it. It's a l;ot of bull to put on your wrist! Try making a copy of it, and cutting it out along the lines, and puttting it where you think you want it. IF it fits, and looks okay, then you're good. If it looks funky, well, go to Plan B!

Any color in the rainbow is out there for you, as long as you can work with your artist to mix-up the one you want. As for artists, post up whatever city you're near, and I'm sure you'll get a whole raft of suggestions on good artists in the area.

Above all else, MAKE SURE!!!!!!! Damn, boy, your first tattoo...make sure it's what you want, make sure it's where you want, and make sure you'll be proud of it for a long, long time.

Welcome to LST, and welcome to your new addiction!

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    • One of the good points about saniderm is covering the wound while it is still fresh and CLEAN. I don't know anyone who has put it on after 2-3 days but if you trap ANY dirt or bacteria under it you are literally laying an infection nest. I wouldn't do it.  Not sure where on your body the tattoo is, and 3 days into healing it shouldn't really still be oozing - but possibly cover it with a very clean t-shirt or similar and if it's still stuck to that in the morning then use warm water to disengage and then gently clean with antibacterial soap.   
    • No, it doesn't work like that.  And for what it's worth, in my eyes - it doesn't look "wrong". Aside from the link in the previous thread, I've never done any research on Keloid scarring. Check that subject out. If it bothers you that much, perhaps see a dermatologist. 
    • HE'S GOT THE BUUUUUUUGGGG!!! 😁 @minisoda not sure if you've let us know who the artist is yet, but feel free to share! check out their prior work and see what they're into. if they usually do traditional colors, they might prefer to stick to that aesthetic. if they do some crazy shit, they might be open to new ideas.  i think adding an olive branch in an open talon would look a bit strange. during your next shading and color session, bounce your addition and background ideas off your artist and see what they think. in the end, you're wearing it and they're doing it, so your two opinions count way more than us shmucks.🤓
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