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Searched, and didn't find a thread on wolf tattoos, so I decided to make one.

Daryl Rodriguez, Hold It Down Tattoo:


John Reardon:


Chad Koeplinger:




Daniel Trocchio:


Kim-Anh Nguyen-Dinh:


Stefano Cera:


Clay McCay:


Erick Lynch:


Ron Henry Wells:


Steve Byrne:


Jef Whitehead:


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Not sure if he would have cited Picasso as an influence but when I look at Lee Roy's wolves I think of Guernica . Lee Roy Minugh

I think it's because they're based off old litho plates like these:



I have a lithobook with the Sailor Jerry 'mad wolf' head in it-seen lot's of redraws

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    • Oh. I understand. I thought I was not doing something right and only in my case there is no black color. However, are there any creams that will keep the color longer?
    • Thanks, it really helped. No he is not friend like that, only a work friend. I nerver knew that people write qk instead of "kuk" in Sweden so it was quite a shock to me. But you guys are all right, it means something to me and the majority won't read it as a word and I have to stop thinking about what he said. The thing was that my mom and dad have not seen the tattoo so I was worried that they may missread it too.
    • What part monkeying with it will make it worse is confusing you? Educate yourself on laser removal. There is no guarantee, or expectation, that the entire tattoo will fade at the exact same rate.   You will find someone that will claim they can do what you want, even though they can’t, and then you’ll be back here asking how to fix the mess you caused.   Quit obsessing over this and just enjoy your nice tattoo.
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