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Respect for all members here !


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Hello everybody !

my English language is rotten, sorry in advance for all.

It's not super easy for me ;) but I do my best.

I tattoo since 20 years in 2013 (in 8 months), the time passes very quickly infortunately. I am discret and reserved, respectful with others. I do not come here to "seem" or to do Publicity but only to communicate and "learn" because for me one lifetime is not enough to "master the Tattoo".

if tattoo artists believe to be living gods of Tattoo. this is very good for them .... I am far from these concepts. There is always more strong, always more talented, always more talented than we even.

Good evening has all.

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Welcome. Congratulations on nearly twenty years tattooing. That humility you have goes a long way, it sounds like you have a great attitude toward tattooing. I'm sure you'll find this to be a great forum...and don't worry too much about your English. I'm sure you'll get by just fine.

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Abellve: THX, exact humility in tattoo world is important (I think !) this gives still have questions even for himself ;)

Kylegrey: MP for you...

John Te: Yes; I start slowly, little by little ! lol

Good evening !

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