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Hey everyone, im new to the site but id like your opinions on my tats :D

these are links to the 2 i have on my chest, i would like to continue the theme all over my front upper body, chest, ribs, stomach, abdomen and maybe 1 sleeve as well. i have the beginings of a sugar skull on my stomach, but its not finished yet so im not posting it! :) but i love the dia de los muertos style of tats, i think they are beautiful.

my latest piece - skull on right side

my latest - la katrina on the left.

I also started doing a pin up leg, i have 2 on there,

pin up - left calf

pin up - left thigh

and a horror character leg on the right

nurse from silent hill - right thigh

heeeeeeeres Johnny!!! - right calf

be happy for input, ideas and feedback. thanks all! :D

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