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Another new guy here.


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Hello everyone,

I am from Sydney Australia and have found myself getting tattooed again after a 13 year break.

I say a 13 year break but really I have only had one very small tattoo until the recent Sydney tattoo expo in march where I was lucky enough to get some work done from Khan on one of my shoulders, super nice guy and a great artist.

At the moment I am getting my chest/torso tattooed, the outline was completed 1 week ago and I am booked for more work this friday so thats exciting for me, not looking forward to the sternum area again ouch.

Anyway i found these forums by doing research for my tattoo and there is plenty of inspiration in the galleries so thanks for that.

Not sure what I can add here in the forums but here I am anyway so hello.


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Hello Everyone,

Had another session on my torso the other day and all went well, However I do seem to be having areas of stubborn ingrown hairs, my tattoo artist needed to avoid them until next time.

If anyone is interested i found this cream that seems to really help clear up the ingrown hairs and little red bumps/pimples.

Caron Bump Eraiser Paste 30ml - Beauty & Nails

Thanks for reading

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