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Haha, thanks. I just made some incredible pulled pork and my lady made her own sauce for it with a decent amount of paprika and its better than any sauce Ive ever made.. And Im the main cook, and a damn good one one too, around here.

ps - I cant seem to post/start threads in the other sections of the forum and some sub-forums... keeps giving me the "no permission to access this page", "do not have sufficient privileges", something something "administrator" thing.

Encountered it before in other forums. Do I just need to rack up sufficient posts for the system to let me do more?

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@paprika yeah you gotta get some post under your belt that have some content to it (not just "cool", "looks great", etc) then you'll be able to do threads and other stuff. Sounds like you like to cook as do lots of us here checkout those threads as well.

Welcome to the site by the way

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