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Stupid Fads

Hunter Morrow

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Well, people say tattooing is a fad but I don't really think its that much of a fad. Maybe more popular than it used to be, but it isn't a fad.

There are a few things right now that I think are fads. I'm sick of them and I want them to go away.

1. Energy Drinks. Oooh. You need energy. Your life must be so intense. Oh wait. You sit in front of a computer all day long. XTREME.

All these things do are make people sweaty and irritating to be around. An entire generation of people have been turned into Mr. Pink.

"The last thing you need is another 6 energy drinks."

2. MMA. If only because it is boring and hurting pro wrestling.

3. Everybody having a FaceBook page instead of a website. Make your own websites, cheapskates.

4. Texting me 10 times instead of talking to me once.

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Bath salts- not even once.

I make websites and I don't think everyone needs a website. Sure, if you're trying to set-up an online store it's a good idea. But you can accomplish things like news updates, galleries, and contact info w/ SMS like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just fine. All this crap about those sites owning your content has materialized into what exactly? Is there secret Facebook/Twitter/Instagram store where they're selling the cool ideas you've been drunk posting on your wall? People need to chill with that and actually get good at something through practice before they worry about people stealing any of their stuff.

That's the real drawback- it gives all us a chimps to a giant wall to throw our shit at and call it cultural progress.

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