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so my cheap-ass-built but frickin' expensive travel armrest i got off ebay 2 years ago finally gave up the ghost this weekend, but what did i expect really.

i got it because it was small built and easy to carry. now, i know i dont really need one, and theres been a few times i have just used my knee/tissue roll/back of chair and i will again, of course. but for those lazy times, can anyone recommend me where to purchase a fairly small, sturdy armrest? ive checked out ebay (i know i know) and a few high profile tattoo supply online shops but im looking to see of any others i may have missed out on.

feel free to message me the url or join in with how frustrating it is to find good hardy armrests! haha

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this is what i did for a travel armrest: go to a camera shop and buy a small tripod. go to a craft store and buy a block of wood, some foam and vynil cloth. you'll also need a strong glue and a staple gun from the hardware store. put the foam on the wood block, wrap the vinyl around it and staple it down. glue the padded block onto the part of the tripod that clips into the part where the camera goes. you're done! weighs about 3 lbs. but is sturdy! make sure you get a good tripod that is small but made to hold big cameras!

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If you're going to use photo gear you might want to look into a mini C stand with a turtle (removable) base, really sturdy. You can also get a baby base plate that will mount onto the stand and you can screw it to a wood plate that you can pad. To make it really adjustable you can use what's called a knuckle that attaches to the stand and the base plate. Matthews makes nice stuff if you're shopping by brand.

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The way Mario suggested is probably the best way to do it. I've got one I built on a roller stand that I have been using for about 5 years now. It's pretty heavy duty though. If you are going the tripod route think about using a cymbal stand. Cheap cymbal stands are usually sturdier than cheep tripods.

Yes! For quite a while I made one with a cheap but still beefy cymbal stand, and made a pad the same way Mario described.

Looked just like this but with a cushion. Rotated in all directions!


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Cali Irons makes a travel armrest. I don't know their website or anything but they do have a Facebook. They're based out of Riverside CA. I think it's basically a one man company thing. He's a really good guy that makes great handmade armrests. Donated an armrest to the Save the ATM event at Under the Gun a month or so ago. Only thing is you need to pack a wrench. Look them up

- - - Updated - - -

This looks like a basic setup but the ones I've seen are more tricked out. Alligator, pin striping, fancy handles and such. I'm planning on picking up one of his shop armrests soon

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