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Hello from Ohio


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Hey all, what an amazing community, I feel starstruck by some of the names who post here regularly.

In case anyone cares I have been tattooed by:

Michael J Aul - Spiral Tattoo Ann Arbor MI

Jacob Des - Truth and Triumph Dayton OH

Tron - Thicker than Water NYC

Sue Jeiven - East River Tattoo NYC (Yes that one, I still like my tattoo, though, I don't think it was a stolen design)

Silje Hagland - Scapegoat Tattoo Portland OR

Melissa Baker - Fat Rams Boston MA

Edwin Marques - Redemption Tattoo, Boston MA

Some dude in Kona, Hawaii

I am moving to LA in September and have my eye on Bryan Burk for my next tattoo, hoping to get one those Ed Hardy tigers with the japanese backpieces.

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@Our Endless Days Yep thats the one, she does actually have cancer but certainly no excuse for stealing people's work. Here is the tattoo I got, I still love it, don't think it was a stolen design...


(Sorry if the goes through twice, tried posting this once and it didn't go through)

edit: that is a fresh picture from her site, lines aren't that wonky now

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