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Hey All,

I have a tattoo of a bull on my upper arm that is about 13 yrs. old, but holding up quite well. The lines are still nice and clean but it is a bit faded. I was thinking about filling up the rest of my upper arm (shoulder to shirt line) with storm clouds, swirls, stars and 3 other zodiac symbols BUT using the existing bull as sort of the central element. I am hoping to get some opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to use this older tattoo as a central element. Thanks!

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i guess its possible. difficult to tell without seeing the existing tattoo along with its placement on your arm. if its faded, you are going to want to have it redone to match everything else.

if you are doing all zodiacs, you could try putting the little dots and lines inside the bull to show its a constellation. just an idea

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Hey Lochlan,

nah, haven't added the new work yet. I guess my wife and kids expect me to buy them christmas gifts instead of spending money on myself...go figure! :)

BUT, I am planning on doing it early next year. Based on some work I saw on this forum and advice given by some other members, I'm hoping to travel a couple hours away to get the tattoo done. I'll be sure to post the before/after pics.

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