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joakim urma

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Greetings fellow forum members

My name is Joakim, I'm 25 and I live in Stockholm. Skateboarder, educated photographer, internet-addict, current student of journalism, lover of obscure t-shirts, late night walks and movies. I got my first tattoo just three years ago, largely by accident and misfortune. However, I've always liked the idea of being covered with tattoos. And I probably never would gotten across that obstacle of getting that first, and SO self defining, tattoo if it didn't happen by accident. Don't get tattoos under the influence, unless you like it 3 year later!

As for now, I recently got my 11:th tattoo and the last year has been an interesting journey in refining and thinking about my taste in tattoos and what kind of art I'd like to put on my body.

I like: anything occult looking, any motif you can interpret both negatively and positively, black n gray n bold.

I don't like: trends in tattooing, flipped out colors and no outlines

I don't understand: 90's style tribals and Japanese style

Of all the forums I've looked at with tattoo discussions this seems to be the most serious and with people of good taste.

So I am glad to register here and be part of the conversations. Cheers!


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