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    • Hi all, just a few days ago I had my old tattoo covered up.. while getting it done it looked great and I was impressed by how is was covered up. a couple days later I realised the artist has used a lot of white to cover my old tattoo and it doesn’t match the rest of my tattoo? As you can see from the rose up to the basketball it looks very white and different colour to the majority of the tattoo. I plan on getting a half sleeve eventually but will this white fade? And is it too noticeable?    the old tattoo is also showing through quite a bit now as it’s healing but I figured that would happen. Kind of freaking out a bit now that the white looks odd! any advice or feedback would be much appreciated! thanks
    • I would just leave it alone, it looks fine for what it is.
    • The only way to fix wavy lines is to make them thicker. Then you have to make ALL the lines thicker so they match. You’re more likely to end up with a mess than a fix. next time just find someone that can do it right the first time. People think that anyone can do simple things like this. It’s actually HARDER to do simple things like this because if they aren’t perfect, it’s easy to tell.
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